7 Day Dopamine Detox Journey

I will be starting my dopamine detox journey from 19/1/2022. My expectations aren't very high but I do expect to be able to be more focused on my current studies. Currently I feel distracted and lazy, I don't find anything interesting or fun anymore. I am addicted to porn and masturbate twice or maybe even thrice every single day. I don't exercise at all and end up browsing 4chan for almost 7-8 hours in a single day. I want to get rid of all my addictions and to help me reach my goal I have decided to not watch porn, listen to music, watch YouTube or any other movies or TV series instead and mindlessly scroll through social media. Apps on my phone that I am allowed to use are WhatsApp on my phone. Tomorrow when I wake up, I won't take my phone to the bathroom with me and waste my time.

Day 1

I woke up and went to the bathroom but I didnot take my phone with me. My bed was a mess so I ended up fixing it. It looks much better now. My day is just starting hopefully I can control my urges.

The has ended and yes I did watch a little bit of youtube but didnot completely binge watch like I usually do. Also I didnot use my phone while I was in the shitter. I did waste my time texting people though, although i cannot get rid of them right now. Obviously, I didnot watch any porn and I feel indifferent. No-fap affects people in different ways and I dont think it does have any benefits especially on me. I did arrange my bed when I woke up this morning and didnot scroll through imageboards like I usually do. I did pay a little bit of attention during my 2 two hour lectures though, didn't understand shit. It did turn out better than it usually does. My expectations for tomorrow are similar but I want to completely eliminate junk food and music too. Else it wont be a real detox